Dezembro 2014

::: LUMU smartphone light meter

LUMU – Light meter for your smartphoneEven for photographers who would not even think about taking pictures with a smartphone camera the mini computer in your pocket can…

::: Climbing photo session

Climbing photo sessionA ultima etapa do Circuito FPME de Escalada de Bloco 2014 decorreu em Soure, no passado dia 13 de Dezembro. Como não podia deixar de ser,…

::: GoPro photos of the day

Brad Peterson says:“Waking up to another perfect day on the wall in Zion National Park.”

::: M. Shindler – Tintype Photo!

::: National Geographic

Extreme Photo of the WeekOne moment you’re walking around on the top and the next moment you’re stepping off a 3,000-foot cliff,” says photographer John Dickey of this…

::: 10 reasons to switch to Sony