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::: The Perfect Picture

::: Astronaut Photography

::: Photography – Tyler Shields

POINTE by“…This is one of the most liked and and most shared photos I have ever taken, I first tried to do this photo in 2009 and…

::: Leica Camera Rifle Prototype

Source: PetaPixel.comOne of the “most unusual” Leitz accessories is up for auction. This year’s WestLicht photography auction features a New York Leica Gun Rifle Prototype, a device that…

::: Stories Behind Iconic Photos

::: High-Res Moon Photo

This Was Made by a Self-Taught AstrophotographerIt’s amazing the kinds of space photos that amateur photographers can create from their own backyards these days. Case in point: the…

::: “Star Trails” Video Tutorial

::: Guide To DSLR Video

::: How a camera shutter works

::: 40 Movies about photography

Every photographer should watchFilm making and photography go hand-in-hand. In film making, the art of cinematography is lost with photography. The skill to present moving images in such…